BERKELEY TOWNSHIP -- At the December, Berkeley Township Council Meeting, more information was provided to the public regarding the quality of tap water Provided by AQUA -- one of the 5 water companies that serve Berkeley Township.

All of the residents and properties in the Berkeley Shores community are serviced by AQUA.

Three representatives from AQUA were at the meeting to answer questions about the higher-than-normal levels of Aluminum and Iron found in our water supply.

To review, dating back to 2010 AQUA’s own testing found that the amount of Iron and Aluminum in our water ranged as high as 12 times over the EPA RECOMMENDED contaminant level. This is according to AQUA’s most recent tests.

However, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, the federal agency that oversees water quality) doesn’t consider Iron and Aluminum a PRIMARY contaminant and it doesn’t require states to mandate the amount of such SECONDARY pollutants in water. States have the option to mandate the level if they so choose. The New Jersey DEP only recommends water companies adhere to these levels. It is not state law.

AQUA says the high levels of Aluminum and Iron are not a health risk but it does cause discoloration and it affects the taste of the water. It also causes damage to pipes, bathtubs, toilets, sinks and filters need to be replaced or checked routinely.

According to water company representatives, AQUA has begun building an infiltration system to fix this problem. They started this project last month. No completion date was given but hopefully within a year.

We will keep the community updated on this issue. Testing results dating back to 2010 can be found below - CLICK HERE

On a related water safety note, the New Jersey Department of Education mandates that all school districts in the state MUST post its LEAD water test results and remediation remedies, if necessary, on its school websites ( . This law went into effect on July 13, 2016.

As of December, neither the Berkeley Township or Central Regional school districts are complying with this law. I have notified the administrations and school boards of each district of this oversight.

Happy New Year to All,

Keith Ruscitti


Berkeley Shores Homeowners Civic Association




Dear Berkeley Shores residents:

One of our neighbors has alerted us the most recent testing conducted by our water company, AQUA, has determined a higher-than-normal level of two specific contaminants – aluminum and iron. The test results mean the water has not been compliant with NJDEP mandates for both of these secondary contaminants. A link to the testing of our water is linked below.

Furthermore, it appears our tap water has had higher-than-normal levels of aluminum and iron dating back to atleast 2010. Here are some links to past years tests:

Township Council has been made aware of this issue and is writing a resolution on this matter. More news of the issue can be read in the most recent Berkeley Times.

This issue will be addressed again at December Township Council meeting. An AQUA representative – or two - will likely be at the meeting.  

The Township Council regular meeting is scheduled on Monday, December 18 at 6 p.m. in the meeting room located at 627 Pinewald-Keswick Road, Bayville. It is the last meeting before the New Year.

See you at the meeting,


Keith Ruscitti


Berkeley Shores Homeowners Civic Association

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